The ” Nightmare” Begins

Dr. “G”‘s office called, said test confirm early uterine cancer. Nurse said Dr. ” G” would like to schedule appointment ASAP to discuss options. A week later it was decided, Full Hysterectomy. Only option really, if I wished to escape the fate of mother, that was dying from uterine cancer. Such a small sacrifice really, I married my high school sweet heart & we have 4 kids. Then surgeon says ” you also have 3rd degree POP, So I will be implanting a new ” Mesh device” . he said don’t worry, I do these surgeries all the time. You will be a NEW Woman When I am Done. Too bad I did not know what ” New” he was referring to. Day of surgery soon arrived, and by all accounts everything SEEMED to gone fine…..But 19 days post op, The Incision on my abdomen burst open. This was just the beginning..Soon we learned there was large abscess that would require draining. I woke in recovery after 2nd surgery with a “wound vac” on my abdomen. The incision had been left open, they also inserted a PICC line for @ home IV therapy. The ” Vac” was wore for 5 months & IV antibiotic therapy for 38 days. Before surgery I was my mothers caregiver, Hospice was now in and her final days were approaching. Because of the turn of events now at hand, I was never able to return to ” caregiver”. In fact, I not certain if she knew I had returned at all, she had slipped into coma while I was recovering. ( I pray she knew just HOW much she was loved). Each week ” New Symptoms” seemed to appear, from pain to internal bleeding & infection. I now needed a new doctor, terminated my relationship with original surgeon after he stood in my hospital room and in front of my husband & I pulled his hair out in frustration. He just kept saying ” I don’t know what to do”   Not the reaction you expect from a surgeon in practice 30 years & his behavior was NOT comforting. So the doctor search began…. Three Doctors later We were told ” It is Your Implant causing these problems” By this time the 

” Mesh/mess” had cut through the vaginal apex. Pain ..Horrific..Bleeding & Infection. However this doctor disclosed the ” problem” But said HE could not remove the device. So once again Referred to yet another surgeon. Off to University of Maryland we go……….Sorry To Say Story does not end there, but that is for another post. 


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